Group iRest® Meditation Classes

iRest Group Classes are either in-person or presented online live over Zoom. presented in a series of 8 weekly meetings. A class series allows a deeper exploration into guided iRest Yoga Nidra Meditations.  Each class will begin with a bit of an introduction, a review of prior week’s class, questions/answers period and end with a guided iRest meditation. A class usually lasts about 90 minutes.  iRest classes are recorded and made available to class participants to enable practices during the week and/or later listening. 

What You’ll Learn in a Group Irest Class:

Group classes are generally presented in a series of 8 classes to help create an introduction to the world of iRest. While each meditation explores all ten steps of iRest, a particular meditation might emphasize one or two particular steps. During classes there is an opportunity to ask questions and share personal experience and observations arising from these meditations. Classes are usually recorded and shared with the participants so they might study and listen to the meditations in between sessions. 

In general, iRest Meditations help develop the capacity for –
– Body-centered Awareness
– A sensory perspective that allows one to find relaxation
– Expanding the facility of Self-inquiry

Individual iRest Meditation Sessions

Individual iRest sessions cover the same ground as group classes, but have more flexibility than group classes. Working with individuals or couples allow meditations to be more tailored and allow for more question and discussion time.   An individual class usually lasts about 90 minutes.  These iRest sessions are recorded and are made available for future practice, later listening and integration.

Individual iRest Dyad Sessions

A Dyad is a co-meditation with an individual in a guided inquiry format. This dyad format allows the individual to express verbally what feelings, experiences and thoughts are arising in a given session.  Gentle invitations may be used to help keep the inquiry in the present.  Sessions are recorded and are made available for later listening and integration.

What You’ll Experience in a Dyad Session:

Dyads provide an opportunity to participate in a co-meditation where you work paired with a facilitator to explore spontaneous inquiry. In this format the facilitator invites noticing and feeling and you are able to verbally explore what arises in the presence of these invitations. There is no agenda or preconceived direction during these dyads. There is no therapy or any ‘fixing’ and at the same time this work can be profound and healing. This is very much an exercise of being in the Now and feeling into what is arising in the present moment. Dyad sessions are often recorded to allow review by the participant.

In general, Dyad Co-meditations provide an opportunity –
– To express feelings surrounding emotions, experiences and beliefs in a safe container
– To listen in a deep way
– To meet yourself in the midst of all that is arising

Free Guided Meditations

Feel free to listen to any of meditations below. They are representative examples of guided meditations one might hear in a group class or a private session. Each meditation explores all ten steps of iRest ote the title of each meditation indicates if it has a particular emphasis of one step or another.

Extended Body Sensing – 45 Minute iRest Meditation – Jan 2023

Breath and Breath Sensing – 40 Minute iRest Meditation – April 2023

Emotions and Opposites – 25 Minute iRest Meditation – Mar 2023

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