Group iRest® Meditation Classes

iRest Group Classes are either in-person or presented online live over Zoom in a series of 8 weekly meetings. A class series allows a deeper exploration into guided iRest Yoga Nidra Meditations.  Each class will begin with a bit of an introduction, a review of the prior week’s class, a question/ answer period and then will end with a guided iRest meditation. A class usually lasts about 90 minutes.  iRest classes are recorded and made available to class participants to enable practices during the week and/or later listening. 

What You’ll Learn in a Group iRest Class:

Practicing iRest Meditation develops the capacity for an awareness of thoughts, feelings and emotions with a body-centered approach. A body-centered approach can help us to unpack emotional pain or trauma and be less gripped by them.

In addition, practicing with iRest helps develop a somatic awareness that allows one to find the spaciousness and openness that builds emotional resilience. It is a practice that expands our facility for Self-inquiry and our ability to meet what comes to us with equanimity.

Individual iRest® Meditation Sessions

Individual iRest sessions use the same guided meditation format as group classes, while providing more flexibility to address specific issues.

Private sessions are perfect for individuals or couples who wish meditations that are more tailored and allow more time for questions and discussion. 

An individual class usually lasts about 90 minutes. These iRest sessions are recorded and are made available for future practice, later listening and integration.

Try listening to a free iRest meditation. If you are curious to know more about iRest® or wish to deepen your own meditation practice, contact Les.

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