Guided Inquiries

Individual iRest® Dyad Sessions

A Dyad is a co-meditation with an individual in a guided inquiry format. This dyad format allows the individual to express verbally what feelings, experiences and thoughts are arising in a given session.  Gentle invitations may be used to help keep the inquiry in the present.  Sessions are recorded and are made available for later listening and integration.

What You’ll Experience in a Dyad Session:

Dyads provide an opportunity to participate in a co-meditation where you work paired with a facilitator to explore a spontaneous inquiry.

The dyad format invites you to express what you are noticing and feeling in the moment in a safe container. Providing space and safety to be able to verbalize aloud what is arising in you helps to make your exploration more concrete and what is revealed more tangible. Expressing sensations out loud helps to slow the process of unpacking feelings that might otherwise arrive as a torrent of swirling emotions.

There is no agenda or preconceived direction during these dyads. There is no therapy or any ‘fixing’ and at the same time this work can be profound and healing. This is very much an exercise of being in the Now and feeling into what is arising in the present moment. Dyad sessions are often recorded to allow review by the participant.

In general, Dyad Co-meditations provide an opportunity –

– To express feelings surrounding emotions, experiences and beliefs in a safe container free of judgment.
– To listen to yourself in a deep way
– To meet yourself in the midst of all that is arising

If you are curious to know more about iRest or how dyads may be added to your toolbox, please contact Les.

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