Project Management Office – realize short-term and long-term benefits

Do you rely on the heroics of one or two key resources as your risk mitigation strategy?  It is great to have resources you can count on to deliver, but when your organization or your client’s organization depends on predictable project outcomes, wouldn’t it better to have a complete set of aligned, integrated processes supported by a consistent set of project artifacts?

This is the basic premise of the Project Management Office or PMO.  The PMO can function as a resource, a mentoring agency or as a hammer to drive compliance, but essentially it’s the keeper of the collective standards for an organization.  Indeed, the PMO is depended on more and more to exert overall influence and drive evolution of thought to continual organizational improvement.

Where does one start building a comprehensive set of standards, processes and best practices? Organizations around the globe are assembling their own set of standards by borrowing, collecting and defining project and process management best practices.  This offers some help, but often one organization’s processes, project artifacts and standards do not work for another.  Even if they are transportable there is always work to do to assimilate them and often much of the same work required to develop and build one’s own processes is the same as is needed to vet and integrate imported ones.   Each organization’s culture along with its products, position in the industry and its market focus bring unique perspective to what set of practices and processes would best serve the organization.  These factors also often establish a recommended order of adoption.

The CVT Excellence Platform Service Delivery Module has been designed to quickly assess your organization project capabilities, identify operational weakness and suggest specific, best practices through recommended actions that are reinforced by recommended controls and key performance indicators that drive adoption of these best practices.  These are the elements that form your PMO and the following are examples of the capabilities you can build or improve with the help of the Service Delivery Module:

  • Integrated Project Review Processes that drive better project planning and execution
  • Template Libraries that help drive consistent work products
  • Specific review practices that drive performance optimization and improve overall quality
  • Analysis exercises to build your organization’s knowledge base and capabilities

If you have interest to read more about PMOs, you may find value in the following article – Why You Need a Project Management Office (PMO).


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